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We are always happy to welcome new members into the Shivtei family!

Welcome to Kehillat Shivtei Yisrael!

Shivtei is a Dati Leumi Tzioni community, founded in 1985 as the “minyan hakatan” at Moriah Shul, comprising just twenty families. Today, we are blessed to have over 350 families from all over the world.

As a shul and community, we believe in continually striving to enrich the quality of religious and communal Jewish life of our members. We do this by combining a sense of community and belonging within an inspirational religious Jewish environment. That is reflected in the services, programming and activities provided by the shul.

We pride ourselves in running an active Community centred around our Modern Orthodox shul. We have minyanim each morning, afternoon and evening, minyanim over Shabbat, five kids / youth services, and shiurim and activities during the week.


We have developed a strong Chesed programme that ensures we look out for those that are going through stress and tough times.


The Shivtei family wants to be there for one another, often taking place of the families we have left behind in Chutz
La’aretz. Yet Shivtei can only be as strong as the people that join our community which is why we are hoping
you will consider joining us.

Take part and get involved!

A community such as ours doesn't run itself and isn't cost free.


In addition to our Rabbinic and Educational staff, we also maintain a payroll that includes an administrator, catering and cleaning staff. If we add to that the general upkeep costs incurred by any property owner such as water and electricity, as well as general maintenance of the building among others, you can see that the community runs up quite a monthly bill just to keep itself running. The chief source of funds for paying these costs is the membership fees paid by the Kehilla.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Andy Album (Chairman): 054 655 9261 / [email protected]
Joshua Rudolph (Treasurer): 054 839 3161 / [email protected]
Yael (Administrator): 09 774 1842 / [email protected]

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